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Started laying out a shortie comic today for no reason.
I wanted to do something oh-so-er...adjectivey right in the middle XD

And it's as badass as Sky'll ever get.

Excuse incoherence.

Starts with Sky sitting there waiting for...*gasp* what IS she waiting for? It's a JOB INTERVIEW. With FAT MAN! *gaspshockhorror* Im delving into plot here! HORROID PLOT.
Fatman whom I have now named R.G. Crane (omgwtf!!!1 so witty! Surname courtesy of ICHABOD CRANE! WOO! I rant.) is thinking of hiring her for graphic design work, so it seems.
They talk.
Crane: You're a high school student, aren't you? At the local boarding school?
Sky: Yes...
Crane: My son teaches there.
Sky: ...
Crane: He used to work with you father, didn't he miss McCloud?
At this point, Johnny peeks in.
Johnny: Uh...DAD...Alex needs you to bail him outta jail. He set some guy on fire.
Johnny: And Darvo blew some guy's head up in the gym. Should I send a cleaning crew?
Crane: Go ahead.
Johnny: I'm gonna go get a burrito now.
Sky tries to talk her way out of discussing Johnny's statements but stupid Crane starts ranting.
Mind he's evil.
Crane: You see miss McCloud, there's a great battle going on that you'll never understand. Be thankful you're not a aprt of it.
Sky smirks, stands up.
Sky: Actually, I'm a very important part of it.
Crane: o.o
Sky: I'm going to leave now. I'd suggest you do so as well.
Crane: What?
Sky: You have 4 minutes and 27 seconds to leave.
Sky grins the Sky grin, runs like an airplae out the door, pulls fire alarm and leaves building.
Big evil; corporation's building EXPLODES.

Kind of a middley part. It's as dangerous/badass as SKy will probably ever get.
I just wanted to fiddle with the midddle-ness, rather than the intro.
May launch it into something more. Not exactly sure. Have a few ideas brewing.
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