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Spring...awshit...Summer cleaning.

Roit! We need to organize stuff, and stuff. Bleh. I am not the most lucid speaker at the moment.
So...stuff shall be spoken of?
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A LOT needs to be changed and cut and everything...

In fact we need to start right from the very start!!! Everything is gone from now! We don't know how things turn out (go on make yourself do that mwahaha)

We need to figure out what age group we are aiming for, what the basic storyline is etc.

The basic storyline (as I decided upon from the Writing workshop I was on yesterday) is the following...

Ordinary meets extra-ordinary...

In basic...normal kids going to boarding school...'normal' kids discover some sort of destiny for them.

It will run along the same lines as before.

5 young girls who discover they have a unique destiny...or rather not destiny...that their blood will give anyone who drinks it immortality. They have elemental powers (but these are only gained when they receive their elemental necklaces (more info next time). They are trying to find these necklaces and discover their true destiny before their enemy finds them and uses their blood for his own evil purpose...(mwahah)
This will also include the 5 "knights", though they will have a smaller role, whom protect the 5 children of the Earth

Now my friend Danielle has just read that (the first one to ever read any part of my series or know what it's about) and said it sounds interesting.

Now...I'm sorry Jacki mainly, but all drug use etc. etc. etc. ETC. is to be cut out now!!!! No more! The story needs to be simplified, the character's need to be simplified everything needs to be more simpler because at the moment it's not!!!

From now on there will only be Djinn of the series...

But don't get me wrong I will still (when i eventually start writing again) will include some of the other stuff that we've always had but that will go onto the internet
"...I'm sorry Jacki mainly, but all drug use etc. etc. etc. ETC. is to be cut out now!!!! No more!"

aye aye capt...this is noted from now on.

"From now on there will only be Djinn of the series..."

jackis confuzzed explain?
Oh I forgot Dianne said 'Kera will still have a role but it is a role only played out in prophecies, dreams etc. etc. She's like the guardian angel of them all..

I meant no other Elemental Blah blahs (uhh...dragons and angels etc.)...they will be online versions where we can get more complicated...
Anakera might still be vital. Just no gods dropping in for tea, y'know? XD
that's been understood....thought we already fixed that....maybe not...
dunno. just like repeating myself. it pisses people off XD tryin to simplfy ter (which is actually hard) sinc ei know she's one of the biggest problems cause of me....tell me if u like or not

im thinkin of making ter less of a freak...more of a bad ass sorta thing...

ter is less of misfit....complete bad ass....ppl r afraid of her...shes the complete opposite ofthe preps and popular bullies....and exactly the same

ppl do what she wants when she wants....not cause they idolize her like the preps cause theyre afraid.she needs the attention...knows she'll never be idolized. only rival she has til kat shows up is Taylor...only person who doesnt seem to cringe when she walks down the hall. this is why she hates kat....kat's not afraid of her
it also explains why she doesnt get along with faye either

better? i dunno....whaever jus give me sumthin to do ^-^;;

Yes that does sound better

...Just remind me about Taylor again please? I've had a mind blank...she's the head cheerleader and ex of Kinji right?
Taylor/Doom is now going to be officially called Malva (short for Malvagita which means Evil in Italian). It cuts down on one small confusion
I like that name.
Taylor, for some reason, brings images of a mulleted goth chick.