La Diablo Robotica (dagger13) wrote in cote,
La Diablo Robotica

yo Laura

Tawnie wants to know if it would be easier if she and I wrote the first bit of comic script. She really wants to start now XD;;; We'd submit it to your for the thumbs up and such. (and Asher, the guy sho runs the comic site would prefer if we start a bit sooner. )
Tawnie says Here is a sample of her writing. WOOO.
If not, it's alright :D And as Tawnie says "don't eat our impudent brains". XDDDDD
WE LOVE YOU! Good luck on examamanims!
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It is a reasonable question because A: It wasn't sent to me like the question said, and B: I did skank it
...okay...this was a comment for a completely different post that appeared mysteriously here...odd...
haha LJ is a dork with comments recently.