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Art ness.

Um yah. I have decided to go on an CotE Art Spree. So if you want any characters drawn. send me their stats (the more stats the better) and I will see what I can do.
I am already doing two Character pages for Shelley. and a Preview picture for the Webhost-dude's-site. So yah. Use me! Abuse me! but make sure you leave a tip!
-later days.
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I wish I could find the bios right at the moment but I can't...what about a girl group picture? And Djinn-hotness? XD and the guys of course
I was thinking about a group pic. Hmmmmmmmm. if you could find Bios then it would be suppa easy. I am at Dianne right now, so she can help. We are gonna work on the actual script today! *prances off*