Cytrix (cytrix) wrote in cote,

The Organising

Sounds dramatic ne?

Right after my last two exams I have the horrible horrible task of gutting my bedroom due to grandma coming over in january and going to be in my room, and me leaving for University in no doubt I will find stacks and stacks of CotE stuff. What I am going to do is I am going to go through it all, organise it, make hard professional copies and ringbind it so I have all that I need in one place instead of all through my room.

This means I need some cooperation on your behalfs...if you want to make any changes to characters, any changes to plot, any changes to setting and changes at all please do so and put it in here. If you find odd bits lying around show them to me, and I will be very grateful!

Danke all

Love Laura
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